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Welcome to the Hospital Price Report, a joint project between DORA's Division of Insurance and the Colorado Hospital Association. The following links can help consumers and other purchasers of health care explore both hospital charges and insurer reimbursement data.
This page contains information on the average hospital charges for specific diagnosed procedures compared to the average reimbursement that health carriers will pay on behalf of a policyholder. This does not mean that health carriers are not fully paying for the cost of procedures, but that they have often negotiated lower reimbursement rates for both hospital charges (shown below) and physician’s fees. It should be noted that physician’s fees ARE NOT included in the hospital charge data and ARE included in the reimbursement data.
We encourage anyone using this website who is interested in regional or specific hospital charges to visit the Colorado Hospital Association page through the link below. .
Click this link to go to the Colorado Hospital Price Report Home Page which includes explanations of how to use this data and includes additional data on specific hospitals, procedures, as well as geographic area through a graphical user interface.

For previous years survey results:
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   Only procedures for health carriers regulated by the state of Colorado that paid for more than 10 procedures falling under a specific code are included for comparison.
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