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Welcome to the Hospital Price Report, a joint project between DORA's Division of Insurance and the Colorado Hospital Association. The following links can help consumers and other purchasers of health care navigate between the hospital charges and reimbursement data. We encourage anyone using this website to begin at the Colorado Hospital Price Report home page listed below.

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Reimbursement SummaryReimbursement by CompanyReimbursement by Group Code
The blue text shows the number of discharges reported to the Colorado Hospital Association and average hospital charge. Average Hospital Charge is the average of all bills that a hospital presented for service, whether covered by insurance or not.
The green text shows the number of procedures and average reimbursements paid by heath carriers regulated by the Division of Insurance. Reimbursements are the average amount a health carrier paid. These numbers include only care covered where a company had 10 or more reported procedures in a year.
Medicare Severity Diagnostic Related Group CodeMedicare Severity Diagnostic Related Group DescriptionColorado Hospital Association Number of Hospital Discharges with these codesColorado Hospital Association Average Hospital ChargeAverage Company Reimbursement on behalf of policyholderNumber of Hospital Reimbursements paid under these codes
190Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with major complications2,143$32,409$12,55584
191Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with complications1,975$27,678$12,01386
192Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease without complications/major complications1,480$19,779$9,997125
193Simple pneumonia and pleurisy with major complications2,779$39,439$12,187190
194Simple pneumonia and pleurisy with complications4,595$25,082$10,583337
195Simple pneumonia and pleurisy without complications/major complications2,786$16,486$10,223433
202Bronchitis and asthma with complications/major complications2,309$24,300$13,648201
203Bronchitis and asthma without complications/major complications4,105$13,784$8,846519
246Percutaneous cardiovascular procedure with drug-eluting stent with major complications or 4+ vessels/stents786$119,898$45,77754
247Percutaneous cardiovascular procedure with drug-eluting stent without major complications3,452$82,392$34,678424
286Circulatory disorders except acute myocardial infarction, with cardiovascular catheterization with major complications462$74,665$21,52634
287Circulatory disorders except acute myocardial infarction, with cardiovascular catheterization without major complications2,144$41,539$19,115286
291Heart failure and shock with major complications2,276$44,034$12,79468
292Heart failure and shock with complications3,087$28,840$9,303115
293Heart failure and shock without complications/major complications 1,046$19,568$13,184134
312Syncope and collapse2,077$24,433$8,118174
313Chest pain2,632$19,964$7,550259
391Esophagitis, gastroenteritis & miscellaneous digestive disorders with major complications1,522$37,465$11,34588
392Esophagitis, gastroenteritis & miscellaneous digestive disorders without major complications9,014$23,258$10,7711,287
459Spinal fusion except cervical with major complications265$242,581$00
460Spinal fusion except cervical without major complications4,715$144,759$54,196513
469Major joint replacement or reattachment of lower extremity with major complications699$99,207$24,80029
470Major joint replacement or reattachment of lower extremity without major complications18,462$68,935$24,8292,371
551Medical back problems with major complications401$49,556$36,07310
552Medical back problems without major complications2,421$27,302$34,327719
602Cellulitis with major complications456$41,946$13,45519
603Cellulitis without major complications4,225$22,341$9,876442
640Nutritional & miscellaneous metabolic disorders with major complications1,271$36,036$13,05245
641Nutritional & miscellaneous metabolic disorders without major complications3,737$21,487$9,420421
689Kidney & urinary tract infections with major complications995$30,465$6,91425
690Kidney & urinary tract infections without major complications4,100$21,183$7,474372
742Uterine & adnexa procedure for non-malignancy with complications/major complications1,005$49,574$14,464144
743Uterine & adnexa procedure for non-malignancy without complications/major complications2,480$35,146$12,783480
765Cesarean section with complications/major complications7,377$28,346$13,5251,296
766Cesarean section without complications/major complications9,616$19,955$10,6661,786
767Vaginal delivery with sterilization &/or dilation & curettage1,630$20,244$8,454162
768Vaginal delivery with operating room procedure except sterilization &/or dilation & curettage35$23,282$00
774Vaginal delivery with complicating diagnoses6,944$15,337$7,5841,289
775Vaginal delivery without complicating diagnoses35,665$11,492$6,8259,006
781Other antepartum diagnoses with medical complications2,440$19,210$9,370282
782Other antepartum diagnoses without medical complications522$11,257$9,96477
789Neonates, died or transferred to another acute care facility961$70,293$28,413131
790Extreme immaturity or respiratory distress syndrome, neonate1,252$295,158$105,00594
791Prematurity with major problems1,320$131,342$42,185155
792Prematurity without major problems3,428$31,380$17,512567
793Full term neonate with major problems2,906$39,391$16,585414
794Neonate with other significant problems9,971$7,029$9,5312,030
795Normal newborn38,417$3,966$2,8829,264
870Septicemia or severe sepsis with mechanical ventilation 96+ hours504$213,020$91,86430
871Septicemia or severe sepsis without mechanical ventilation 96+ hours with major complications7,527$58,552$18,250532
872Septicemia or severe sepsis without mechanical ventilation 96+ hours without major complications3,630$31,520$19,371574
896Alcohol/drug abuse or dependence without rehabilitation therapy with major complications975$50,289$26,91756
897Alcohol/drug abuse or dependence without rehabilitation therapy without major complications4,799$17,335$8,232438
917Poisoning & toxic effects of drugs with major complications1,975$46,291$24,84098
918Poisoning & toxic effects of drugs without major complications 2,810$20,346$10,995325
945Rehabilitation with complications/major complications4,304$58,061$42,701191
946Rehabilitation without complications/major complications1,030$34,615$54,285147

  * Please note:
   Only procedures for insurance companies regulated by the state of Colorado that paid for more than 10 of a specific code are included for comparison against all procedures reported by hospitals.
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